Biden reconfirmed some restrictions on entry to the USA

With the presidential proclamation of January 25, 2021, US President Joe Biden reconfirmed the restrictions on entry to the United States for travelers from Schengen Area countries.



The possibility of entry into the U.S.A. is suspended for travelers who, in the previous 14 days, have been in a country of the Schengen Area, in UK, Ireland, Brazil, South Africa China or Iran.

There are some exceptions like the one for personal and / or family reasons and national interest. US embassies and consulates abroad and DHS have exclusive jurisdiction over the granting of the so called “National Interest Exemption Waiver”.

Special Permit to Travel to the United States may be granted to those who must travel to the United States to carry out life support activities of the critical infrastructure sectors as defined by the Department of Homeland Security or the supply chain connected to the critical infrastructure or those who support directly creating or maintaining jobs in the United States.


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