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Corporate Consulting

We support companies in their sustainable development path We support companies in their organizational adjustments path

Corporate assets

What are the company’s assets? Within the company, assets are divided into tangible and intangible. Tangible assets include plants, machinery and equipment, while intangible assets include those relating to the company’s intellectual property, such as patents, designs, trademarks, know-how and software. In addition, the entire company and the individual branch can be estimated as assets. The valuation of assets is a fundamental aspect to be considered on several occasions such as, for example, the entry of new shareholders, the sale of shares, an extraordinary operation or a generational transition. Our valuation method is based on the calculation of economic, financial and forecast flows in order to understand not only the current value but also the estimated value in the future. In addition, in the context of the valuation of company assets, we take into account the sector to which they belong, market estimates and any trends that could have an impact on the future company valuation.

Industrial and financial plans

This refers to the strategic planning documents produced by the company’s management. The development of industrial and financial plans allows the company to better understand its current potential and to transform it into business opportunities in the future. Specifically, by industrial plans we mean the definition of the company’s strategic objectives, its KPIs and the expected results based on investments and system implementation. In the case of startups, the term “industrial plan” can be replaced with a business plan. The drafting of a good business plan allows the company to grow on the basis of strategic objectives, precise team responsibilities and greater effectiveness of the company organization. These plans, when seen as strategic roadmaps, allow you to immediately highlight possible errors and limit if not prevent negative consequences.

Special operations

This definition includes the processes of aggregation, acquisition and sale of companies or firms. In a very competitive and crowded market context such as the current one, we support companies and entrepreneurs in extraordinary finance operations capable of modifying company assets and at the same time entering into business agreements that are otherwise impossible. Extraordinary operations are usually referred to as M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions).

Due diligence

Due diligence transactions are mainly used to evaluate the possibility of carrying out extraordinary transactions such as mergers and acquisitions and are responsible for studying the real business situation in economic, financial, tax, legal, commercial, real estate and intellectual property terms prior to the transaction. Our specialized due diligence team researches and analyzes precise information before any type of extraordinary operation or simple ongoing control with tax, accounting, legal and labor audits.

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Strategic planning

We give companies the tools for their development We give companies the tools for their development and growth in the market


For newly created companies that offer innovative business models to the market, we provide comprehensive and integrated assistance to make the most of the company’s potential. Specifically, we support startups from the business plan and strategic planning up to the most operational phases such as production engineering, product or service marketing, distribution and after-sales. Thanks to our integrated team, we also provide advice in the registration phases (trademarks and patents), compliance and financing.

Process optimization

We are committed to supporting businesses in improving their production efficiency, enabling them to more easily achieve their goals, including workflow optimizations, smoother information transfers, and structures ready to adapt to surrounding changes. We work alongside management to make the company structure more dynamic and capable of embracing market innovations. In our activities, we start from the study of current workflows between people and departments, studying new communication tools and strengthening system activities.

Temporary management

We support companies in temporary management processes, giving them the opportunity to benefit from a manager for a set period and committing ourselves to contributing to the achievement of specific objectives. Corporate management in these contexts often finds itself having to intervene during strong corporate changes, both positive and negative: in the case of positive phases the temporary manager intervenes to ensure that new projects, new business perspectives and process optimization are correctly implemented and developed; in the case of negative phases on the other hand, his job is to rehabilitate the company by coping with the crisis and regaining balance.

Management control

Techniques and strategic tools aimed at continuous control of the company situation. Closely connected to the drafting of industrial plans, the management control allows to verify at pre-established times the performance of the company by monitoring and evaluating the consistency of the activity, the return on investments and the company’s performance. Thanks to the management control it is possible not only to detect the areas of enhancement but also to deal with any temporary difficulties, limiting the risks and identifying the interventions to be done.

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Generational transition

Side by side with entrepreneurs and their children

Generational transition

It can represent one of the most important moments in the life of a company and its organizational and structural management. We support entrepreneurs in this difficult path, supporting them in the planning processes and protecting their personal assets by promoting balance, continuity and stability.

Corporate trust

We promote the use of the corporate trust as a legal instrument for the generational transition. A flexible means that, through adequate programming, can be useful for the division of family assets or the identification of the person who, following the transition, will take over the management of the company.

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Sports Consultancy

we provide assistance to sport professionals

Legal Counseling

We offer comprehensive advice on current regulations, also studying legal novations. We work alongside professionals to give them a comprehensive regulatory overview, finalizing action to the strategic management of the company.

Integral support for companies and associations

We assist professional and amateur companies and associations but also athletes, coaches, and sports attorneys operating in the world of sports. We treat not only traditional sports but also the most innovative and modern visions, such as e-sports.

Contract management

We take care of the drafting, novation, control in the continuous of all the contractualities necessary to operate in the market.


All our services promote sustainability as a key element for the company’s strategic development.

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