Integrated expertise

Dr. Gianni Malerba

Managerial and Financial Advisor & ESG Specialist

Giovanni Malerba has gained deep and specific managerial skills in more than 30 years of career with known corporate groups with particular reference to the sectors of finance, trade, real estate, food distribution and start-up company, holding numerous positions as Chief Financial Officer, General Manager and Chief Executive Officer in reference companies.

It also specializes in the management of companies in crisis that require specific technical skills and human resources for the preparation of plans for restructuring and corporate turnaround or for the conduct of delicate steps that accompany the operating procedures including in bankruptcy liquidation. Supports entrepreneurs in the delicate stages of defining new business goals and generational transitions allowing effectively and efficiently achieve of them.

He has developed expertise in corporate transactions participating in numerous due diligence in the area of acquisitions / mergers / reorganizations.

He is partner in charge of the division restructuring and corporate crisis and held various positions as an administrator, liquidator social and coordinates relations with the New York and Miami Desk.

Giovanni Malerba is a graduate in Business Administration with specialization in Corporate finance at Bocconi University in Milan and Financial Analyst since 1989. AIAF (ITA, GB, FRA) (ITA, GB, FRA)